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How to Sponsor NIE

Why Use NIE in the Classroom?

A Newspaper Association of America Foundation study found that:

  • Students do 10% better on standardized tests when they learn with a newspaper.

  • Schools with a high minority enrollment who utilize a Newspaper in Education program score 30% higher on standardized tests than similarly populated schools.

  • Reading skills increased two grade levels for students who used newspapers, compared to those using traditional methods.

  • Reading scores were consistently higher for 12 to 18 year-olds who used newspapers alone or with textbooks. In some cases, scores increased by as much as four grade levels.

  • Newspaper use in school increased students' awareness of the world and their communities and had a positive effect on attitudes toward school, community and subject matter.

  • Students who used newspapers as a principal source material had better achievement scores in social studies, language arts and mathematics than their matched counterparts, who relied only on textbooks.

  • Newspaper use seems to improve verbal interactions, student motivation and student behavior.

Sponsorship benefits your business

NIE sponsorship is an inexpensive way to increase visibility and awareness in the community. As a sponsor, your business is recognized for participating in a program that enhances education and literacy in your community. Students, teachers, parents and our readers are exposed to the program and your role in making NIE possible to children and teachers. For sponsoring benefits please contact

Individual contributions: Going on vacation?

Subscribers can include a donation to NIE when paying their subscription each billing period. Subscribers may also ask for their newspapers to be donated to a local school while they are on vacation. Or, individuals can contribute to NIE through cash donations of any dollar amount to help support a classroom, local school, or many schools.